Contemporaneos # 03: Marina Perezagua, Spain. Writer (and freediver).

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Our third contemporary is Marina Perezagua , she was born in Spain and lives in New York; It takes more than eight years living in the Big Apple, where originated a dazzling narrative, although still relatively short. with two published novels: “Abyssal Creatures” 2011 and “Milk” 2013, he was able to dazzle all readers who approach their work His free time is dedicated to freediving and can hold their breath up to four minutes underwater. enough to find peace and quiet on the surface, and in a city like New York, seldom finds. Discover this huge time writer, spend a day with her in this new Micro Documentary.

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Do you know a contemporary? Put us to, we are looking for the whole world who knows? You may end up crossing continents and contemporary Ulysses!
This project will be located in cities where its creator, Ivan Vergara, go visiting in line with theCultural Project PLACA and Ultramarina Press C & D. Soundtrack: Why We O!

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