Next Contemporaneo: Lola Crespo, High School Teacher & Poet.

#03 Lola Crespo (España) English

We are finishing editing the third chapter of the second season, the protagonist is an amazing woman who in recent years not only stirred the cultural events of the city with its huge poetry and stage presence, but also performs social work who should know and drive .

She is Lola Crespo and our new guest of this documentary series where we capture the everyday life of the people who live in their cities with their art, experiences and feelings.

Tomorrow may see the chapter, as always from our website:

We invite you look at the other two documentaries:

1. Julio Cesar Figueroa Torres -https: //

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This project will be located in cities where its creator, Ivan Vergara, go visiting in line with thePLACA and Overseas Publisher C & D.

We work looking for these answers. Link to First Season.
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