¿What is Contemporaneos?

Contemporary TV is a set of Micro Documentaries which speaks of the everyday life of people of every condition, creators principally to reflect their experiences and motivations in the environments where they live.

The first season has explored artists who left their home country to live in another where the language is new. We talked to them and we have been told how those concerns arose for the creation and how they were modified by the environment. The season is still premiering episodes.

The second season started at the beginning of 2016 with a similar format. This time we will talk with ‘the people’, people who make and create cities with their daily work: housewives, designers, writers, artists, people of many diverse professions who share his vision of the city, which they give them and what they expect from it.

This project will be located in cities where its creator, Ivan Vergara, go visiting in line with the PLACA and Overseas Publisher C & D.

We work looking for these answers.

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