We want to thank you

These people have us to move on, we couldnt have started even without their help and support:

Vergara García family. Thanks for the motivation every day!

Rojas Rathbun family . They opened the door to this project and all that lies ahead. We owe them all!

Enrique Infante, Carlos Aguasaco, Diego Fonseca, Elizabeth Ortega, Marisol Linares and Nicolas Castellanos.

Looking Stories‘. They helped us to redefine the project, when we had to shift from time to time unable to make literary cities. Everyone should follow them: buscandohistorias.com. Mar Gascó.

Cultural Project  PLACA. A huge team, a project that is much more. We still have everything to do!

Thanks also to Kris Osvedal, Pablo Esquinca, Hege Lin, Jorge Garcia, Ana Laura Garcia, Fali Ascasibar, Alfonso de Cossio, Hadrien Michel, Juan Carlos Sierra, Juan Frau and all those who contributed financially so that we can be doing these projects; we know how much we owe and do not know how to thank him. Thank you very very much!

We work looking for these answers.
Thank you.

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